Triplets Test Tube Plants


  • Plant Type: Good Luck/Air Purifying
  • Plant Height: (4 Inches, 4 Inches) Approx
  • Plant Location: Indoor
  • Vase Name: 3 In 1 Metal Tube Vase
  • Vase Height: 4 Inches Approx
  • Vase Color: Crom
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You never know what you’ll be able to grow until you try! Bring home these triplets and give it a refreshing look. Money plant, white pothos plant and Chamaedorea Plant potted in a 3 in 1 metal tube vase will add eclectic look to your home decor! A positive and eco-friendly gift item to any gardening enthusiast or even without a green thumb.This plant is supposed to bring peace in the house.  They are native to Solomon Islands.  Native to the rainforests in Southern Mexico and Guatemala

Caring Tips

  • ¬†Money Plant Keep Out Of Direct Sunlight.
  • ¬†These Plants Require Minimal Watering.
  • ¬†Add The Fertiliser Annually To The Soil
  • ¬†White Pothos Keep The Soil Moist But Not Wet
  • ¬†Keep Out Of Direct Sunlight
  • ¬†Keep The Plants In A Cool Spot
  • ¬†Chemndorea Plant Keep Out Of Direct Sunlight
  • ¬†These Plants Require Minimal Watering
  • ¬†Add The Fertiliser Annually To The Soil
  • ¬†The image is indicative in nature. As plants are natural products, shape and size may be of varying scale.


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