Sansevieria Lotus In A Bottle


  • Plant Type:Air Purifying
  • Plant Height:4 Inches Approx
  • Plant Location:Indoor
  • Vase Name:Distinctive Blue Bottle Vase
  • Vase Height:25CM
  • Vase Breadth: 10CM
  • Vase Material:Glass
  • Cork Base


Sansevieria lotus plant is truly a beauty to behold. The glimmering and glossy green leaves grow in a way that they make the formation of a lotus hence getting its name. Our team has managed to add to its uniqueness by presenting it to you in an appealing blue bottle vase.#This beautiful plant is actually native to tropical West Africa.

Caring Tips

  • Keep the plant in bright and indirect light.
  • Feel the soil before watering, water only if it seems dry and don’t let the plant sit in water.
  • The plant can grow at normal household temperature but keep away from too much humidity.
  • Ā The image is indicative in nature. As plants are natural products, shape and size may be of varying scale.
  • Ā For flowering plants, the flower can be fully bloomed, semi bloomed or in bud stage.


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