Jade Plant In Cosy House Pot


  • Plant Type:Succulent
  • Plant Height:3-4 Inches Approx.
  • Plant Location:Indoor
  • Vase Name:Cosy House Pot
  • Vase Material:Ceramic (Resin)
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In a mystical haven where nature’s embrace meets artistic grace, behold our Indoor Jade Plant, cradled in a breathtakingly detailed pot. Picture a verdant sanctuary where a house perched upon a rock and enchanting stairs lead the way. Feel the tranquil energy as the jade plant harmonizes with its surroundings, infusing serenity and calm into every corner. This exquisite combo, a perfect blend of green vibes and mesmerizing aesthetics, invites you to gift a slice of paradise, a tranquil haven to nurture the soul.

Caring Tips

  • Jade Plant is native to the KwaZulu-Natal province and Eastern Cape of South Africa and MozambiqueIndoor light is right for the plant. It should be bright and indirect.
  • Water the plant when the top of the soil is dry. The top 1-2″ inch of soil should be dry.
  • A water-soluble fertiliser every three or four months is preferred.
  • Cutting stems yields better results.


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