Golden Syngonium in Black n White Pot


  • Plant Name: Golden Syngonium
  • Plant Height: 3-4 Inches Approx.
  • Plant Type: 3-4 Inches Approx.
  • Plant Type: Foliage
  • Plant Location: Indoor
  • Vase Name: Black And White Designer Pot
  • Vase Height: 4 Inches
  • Vase Material: Metal
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The beautiful Golden Syngonym plant is gracefully nestled in a metal pot adorned with a mesmerizing black and white abstract print. Immerse your space in an exotic ambience with this stunning decor masterpiece. The Golden Syngonym boasts luscious golden foliage, creating a striking visual display that effortlessly uplifts any room. Its lush leaves bring an air of elegance and tranquillity, making it an ideal addition to your interior oasis. This charming plant enhances your surroundings and lets its unique beauty enchant your senses. Elevate your decor with its captivating presence and enjoy the benefits of its stunning beauty and air-purifying qualities.

Caring Tips

Golden Syngonium

  •  Golden Syngonym is also known as “Golden Pothos” or “Devil’s Ivy”.This popular houseplant is renowned for purifying the air by removing toxins and impurities, promoting a healthier living environment.
  •  Lighting: Place the Golden Syngonym in bright, indirect light to maintain its vibrant foliage. Avoid direct sunlight, as it may scorch the leaves.
  •  Watering: Allow the soil to partially dry between waterings. Overwatering can lead to root rot, so ensure proper drainage.
  •  Temperature and Humidity: The Golden Syngonym thrives in moderate room temperatures (around 65
  •  75°F or 18
  •  24°C) and prefers higher humidity levels. Mist the leaves occasionally to provide added moisture.


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