Velvety Affair Cake

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When the contrasting hues of red and white converge, they give rise to the timeless allure of red velvet cake. This confection epitomizes smoothness akin to velvet, while boasting an irresistible taste that tantalizes the palate. Indulge in this delicacy once, and we guarantee you’ll crave it endlessly. Elevate any occasion, whether anniversaries, birthdays, promotions, or other festivities, with the exquisite addition of this cake to your dessert spread.


Note: Please be advised that the cake stand, cutlery, and other accessories depicted in the image are for visual representation only and are not provided with the cake upon delivery.

Care Information: Store cream cakes in the refrigerator, and fondant cakes in a cool, air-conditioned space. When serving, allow the cake to come to room temperature, avoiding heat exposure. Use a serrated knife for fondant cakes. Be mindful of any supports like wire or toothpicks in sculptural elements or figurines before serving, especially to children. Consume the cake within 24 hours for optimal freshness. Enjoy your cake experience!

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