Money Plant Led Bottle


  • Plant Type: Good Luck
  • Plant Height: 4 Inches Approx
  • Plant Location: Indoor
  • Vase Name: Glass Bottle
  • Vase Height: 7 Inches Approx
  • Vase Color: Transparent
  • Led Water Proof
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Send an immense amount of good luck to your friends and family on any occasion with this good lucky golden money plant. It is also considered an excellent air purifier which cleanses toxic air. The plant comes potted in a glass bottle with led lights that makes a great home decor.#the creamy flowers of money plant attract bees and butterflies

Caring Tips

  • Direct Sunlight Is Preferred.
  • Ā The Plant Is Capable Of Surviving In Low Light As Well.
  • Water The Plant Every 7 To 10 Days.
  • Ā The Image Is Indicative In Nature. As Plants Are Natural Products, Shape And Size May Be Of Varying Scale.
  • Ā For Flowering Plants, The Flower Can Be Fully Bloomed, Semi Bloomed Or In Bud Stage.


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